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FAQ: Why is the app sending my feed URLs without 'HTTPS'?
FAQ: Why is the app sending my feed URLs without 'HTTPS'?
Updated over a week ago

When installing our app, the URL structure will not include SSL or HTTPS distinction by default.

This is primarily due to some stores having an SSL versus others that do not. 

How to Update your URLs

It is quite easy to update your URLs to include HTTPS. Starting by navigating to Account Settings in the main navigation.

Under Account Edit > Domain Name - edit your base URL to include the HTTPS distinction.

Scroll down to the very bottom of this section and click Update Account to finalize the change:

Resend Your Feed with HTTPS

You can now go to Feed Tool > Feeds > Send Feed to update your URLS (note that each channel you are connected to would have to be sent separately).


You may simply run a full Import/Export cycle using Import Store Products to automate the update entirely:

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