Products (Facebook)

A brief overview of the Products tool in your Facebook Campaign Manager

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The Products tool within Facebook Campaign Manager allows you to generate filtered performance reports at the product level from your Facebook campaigns:

To build a report:

  • Select a Camaign

  • OPTIONAL: Select a specific Ad Set to only view that unique segment

By not applying a Filter your breakdown will automatically be generated for all products in the lower table:

To build a Filter:

  • Select a primary attribute

  • Select your operator (ie "Greater Than")

  • Input or select your value

  • Click Add Filter

You can also Edit  Filters and apply additional attributes and/or Save Filters for later use:

Once a Filter is applied, the data in the table will update within a few moments to reflect your set criteria.

This data can be exported, and you can also expand what metrics are viewed in the table:

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