Advertiser Settings

A brief overview of your Advertiser Settings

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Advertiser Settings allow you update a number of items for your Affiliate Advertisers profile and terms.

This can be accessed via Account Settings > Advertiser Settings. When making adjustments, you must ensure that your scroll down to Save all changes made:

Your basic settings can be updated at any time:

While you would have set up your Advertiser Profile already, you can update it at any time as well:

Further down, you can upload/update your logo and make adjustments to your default commission settings:

Below this you'll find your permission settings for Publishers you partner with. To update a specific permission setting, click on it to open up the editing panel:

Finally, your Advertiser Terms & Conditions can be viewed and updated at the very bottom of this section. It is very important to provide accurate and up-to-date terms when partnering with Publishers:

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