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Use the Margin Tool to upload your per-product hard cost data

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Please note the Max File Size allowed is 9MB. If you are attempting to upload a file larger than 9MB then the tool will error out. In the event that you have a larger file you will have to break it up into separate, smaller files to update fully.

The Margin Tool can be used to upload your hard-cost data on a per-product basis using a simply CSV file upload.

To access this tool, navigate to Products > Margin Tool

How to Upload Costs

This tool is used to enhance the accuracy of both P&L reporting and the Bid Suggestion Engine.

  • Start by downloading a template for uploading your data

The file will have two columns for:

  • ID: Copy and paste the product ID from your feed

  • Cost: Apply the hard cost value for each ID

Once you have completed filling out your .csv file, return to the Margin Tool in your account. You can choose to:

  • Drag and drop the file or search your computer to upload

  • Click Upload to begin having your file processed

  • Additionally, you may Remove the file and make adjustments if needed and then resubmit

  • The Margin Tool History can be used to review any past uploads or changes made

Please note that depending on the size of your upload and the number of products you are updating, the Margin Tool can take several minutes to complete processing entirely.

Resetting Costs (Account-Wide)

If you wish to clear any and all previously uploaded hard costs - affecting your entire account - locate and click on Clear CSV Cost:

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