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An overview of the Home Screen in your Sales & Orders account

Updated over a week ago

The Home Page of your Sales & Orders account contains a combination of easily digestible performance insights and actionable recommendations that can help you grow your Shopping Campaign performance.

Google Suggestions

By communicating directly with Google Ads, you can now use S&O to implement key suggestions that Google has for your campaigns including budget increases and opting into Search Partners.


The Opportunities panel provides quick guidance on things you can do to grow your business with Sales & Orders.

  • Connecting Channels - If you have yet to complete the setup of Google, Microsoft Bing, and/or Facebook in S&O, this panel will display your progress and you can quickly access Channel wizards right from here by clicking Continue.

  • Campaign Opportunities - The panel will also suggest activities with respect to your ad campaigns for these channels including suggestions to improve campaign performance with such things as Negative Keywords and Audiences.

Feed Status

This panel provides a quick snapshot of the processing status of your current product feeds and also allows you to toggle Auto-sending of your feeds just like you can in the Feed tool.

Ad Spend vs. Sales

Gather a quick snapshot of both 7 over 7 (This Week) 30 over 30 (This Month) performance for all your ad campaigns across all channels - includes growth/loss comparison data:

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