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Affiliate Advertisers - Rejecting Payouts
Affiliate Advertisers - Rejecting Payouts

How to reject an expected payout to a given Publisher

Updated over a week ago

Important Note: While you are allotted an unlimited number of rejections, our team closely monitors all rejected payouts to Publishers. If you are found to misusing or abusing the rejection option, your account could be at risk of temporary or total account suspension.

Rejections should only be used in select circumstances such as:

  • Publisher violated your Terms & Conditions

  • You suspect the transaction to be fraudulent

  • A sale was cancelled

When viewing a particular item in your Transactions table, you will note a Reject option listed alongside.

Clicking this will allow you to confirm the rejection. Your Publisher will be informed of the Rejection.

We always recommend communicating with the Publisher regarding reasons for a rejection. You may also contact our team for further assistance or to report a violation of your agreement with a given Publisher.

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