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Affiliate Advertisers - Postponing Payouts
Affiliate Advertisers - Postponing Payouts

How to postpone an expected payout to a Publisher

Updated over a week ago

Important Note: A single postponement lasts for only 7 days. You are allotted a maximum of 2 consecutive postponements for a given payout/transaction totaling a 21-day postponement. After any postponement period has ended, we will automatically process a given payout unless it has been rejected.

Postponements should only be used in select circumstances such as:

  • Products being on back order

  • You require more time to research the transaction (Sale, Click, Lead)

When viewing a particular item in your Transactions table, you will note a Postpone option listed alongside.

Clicking this will allow you to confirm the postponement. Your Publisher will be informed of the Postponement.

We always recommend communicating with the Publisher regarding reasons for a Postponement and/or expected time for it to be resolved.

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