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Affiliate Advertisers - Transactions

A brief overview of the Transactions section of your Affiliate Advertiser account

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Important Note: The data found here is respective only by the filters and date range editor at the top of the table. Your Sales & Orders account-level date range will not be applied here.

The Transactions section of your account allows you to review both aggregate and breakdown data for any transactions from Publishers and associated commissions to be paid out to Publishers - and the status of said payouts.

From here you may also:

  • Postpone: You are allotted a maximum of 2 consecutive payout postponements per transaction totaling 21 days of postponement before Sales & Orders automatically approves a payout. Postponements should be used only when you need to confirm an expected payout before it is to be paid.

  • Reject: Rejecting an expected payout will cease the commission from being distributed to your Publisher(s). Rejections should only be used in the event that a Publisher violated the terms of your partnership or in other escalated circumstances such as when your suspect fraudulent traffic or sales.

Your Transactions are broken down as follows - you can tab between each particular transaction type by selecting which one you wish to data for:

  • Sales: Commissions based solely on the sale of products

  • Leads: Typically relates to commissions based on conversion goals such as form submissions or phone calls (when tracking is appropriate)

  • Clicks: Commissions based solely on clicks on your products by shoppers when they shop on your Publisher(s) website(s)

You may use any of the Filter icons for any value to filter your view. Additionally, in the top right corner of the table you can export any view to a CSV file.

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