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A brief overview of the Marketing Material section of your Advertiser account and how to upload banners

Updated over a week ago

With this part of your account, you will be able to upload and share your very own marketing banners with your Publishers. 

Your Publishers will then gain access to download the HTML code for your banners so that they may add them to their website or web properties.

This can help you gather more traffic and sales from your Publisher Partners:

Create Banners

Start by clicking Create in the top right corner of this section. This will open the Banner setup menu:

  • Name your Banner

  • Upload an appropriate Banner file from your computer

  • Apply a unique description for the Banner

  • Set the desired landing page link on YOUR website for this banner

  • Click Save when you are finished

After setting up your banner, it will show as available in your account. 

Our app will generate the HTML code for you so you need not be concerned with coding. 

You will be able to edit or delete any existing banners or create as many additional banners as you would like. With each new banner added, your Publishers will gain access to the code.

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