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Advertiser Dashboard Overview

A full overview of the primary reporting Dashboard for your Affiliate Advertiser Account

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Your Affiliate Dashboard can be accessed by using the drop-down in the Dashboard section of your Sales & Orders account:

Any data reported here is respective of the account-level date range you set and includes a number of key analytics features:

  • Performance Chart: Adjustable by both date range and charted metrics, a charted view of your selected data points

  • Today: This static panel will always display the most current data for your Commissions, Sales, Clicks, and Leads. Note that this panel does not change with a set date range

  • Payouts: Respective of your date range, shows your monetary Payout history including Paid, Pending, Rejected, and Postponed commission payouts to your Publisher Partners

  • Financial: Respective of your set date range, shows Profit, Sales, Commissions paid out, and ROAS as it pertains on your Publishers advertising your products for you

  • You will also find a series of detailed panels for Sales, Commissions, Clicks, and Leads with breakdowns for the status and values for each

  • The Publishers panel indicates the status of your Publisher Partners

You will also be able to view your Sales, Clicks, and Leads reports broken down by Publisher directly below your detailed reports.

New Publishers available to partner with are displayed at the very bottom of your dashboard. By clicking on the green icon next to a Publisher you will be able to learn more about them and even apply to partner with them:

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