IMPORTANT NOTE: When using the Campaign Wizard for Google Shopping, the daily budget you select in the campaign settings step will be split 90/10 between the Primary and the All.

For example, if you were to set a daily budget of $10/day then the Primary will be set to $9/day and the All will be set to only $1/day. You may adjust campaign settings afterwards if you prefer by going to Campaign Manager > Campaigns > Edit

When first creating Shopping campaigns for Google, specifically through the Campaign Wizard - our app will generate two distinct Campaigns.

  • Primary: This campaign is where you will perform all your campaign management such as updating bids, creating rules, adding and/or removing products. As the Primary, all products in this campaign will have their own unique Max CPC with all products broken down to the Item Level

  • All: The all campaign merely acts as a backup or catch-all for the Primary and only in the event that the Primary campaign ceases to serve products (ie runs out of budget). You WILL NOT use this campaign to perform any regular tasks such as modifying bids - it will contain all products, all of which have a Max CPC set to a single penny (.01).

We generally recommend a minimum budget of $10/day in the Primary and $5/day in the All campaign.

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