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FAQ: How do I add products to the Facebook Shop with my catalog?
FAQ: How do I add products to the Facebook Shop with my catalog?
Updated over a week ago

IMPORTANT: The following guide is part of the new Facebook Business Manager UI including Commerce Manager.

The Catalog produced by our app can be used to add products to your Facebook Shop. 

First, log into your Business Manager in Facebook:

  • Open Business Settings

  • Click on the 9-dot icon to open the menu

  • Select Commerce Manager

If this is your first time setting up Facebook Shops, follow the steps outlined by Facebook's wizard (see below).

Important Note: Checkout on Facebook or Instagram is currently available to a LIMITED number of stores and may not necessarily be available for you to use at this time. You can, however, configure your Shop to direct shoppers to your Ecommerce Website!

Get Started

Select how you would like to manage your shop. Note that the default type is via Commerce Manager, however you can also click Sync a Partner Platform depending on your ecommerce or catalog provider.

You can also set up a test shop before going fully through the new Shops option.

IMPORTANT: If your Catalog is powered by Sales & Orders, you will only be able to use the default Commerce Manager.

Choose Checkout Method

  • Checkout with Facebook or Instagram is still not fully available to all merchants. We highly recommend choosing the Checkout on Another Website option at this time:

Choose Sales Channels

From here you will select the Facebook Page and/or Instagram Account to set up Shop for.

  • After making your selection, you can choose whether to include both Facebook and Instagram or just one of the two.

  • Important Note: If you oversee or manage multiple accounts, be sure to scroll through the list of shown accounts to choose exactly which one to set up for.

Add products

From here you will select which Catalog to be used for your Shop setup.

  • It's important to note that you must have Admin rights to the Catalog for it to be selectable. Those that you do not have such rights to will be grayed out if you have access to more than one Catalog

Preview & Accept Terms

You should have all steps completed and will land in the Preview. From here you will have to agree to Facebook's Merchant Agreement before being able to Finish Setup:

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