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FAQ: How do I see which products in my feed are approved / disapproved?
FAQ: How do I see which products in my feed are approved / disapproved?
Updated over a week ago

General feed health and detailed diagnostics can be viewed and monitored in Feeds and Issues tabs respectively.

Under Feeds you can view:

  • Feed Stats: A summary of your general feed info including Products In Feed, Store Products, Approved in Feed, Disapproved in Feed

  • Daily Stats: A charted view and breakdown of summed product statuses including Approved, Disapproved, Pending (Google Only), and Expiring (Google Only) items

  • API Feeds: A list of your feeds including the Processing Status and Last Build times for each. Processing Status will indicate when an import/export cycle is occurring or when an export fails due to connection issues. Last Build indicates the very last time a full export occurred

The Diagnostics tab provides a more detailed overview and breakdown of your feed and product-level diagnostics respective to each channel. 

Note that certain information may not be available channel to channel. Google, for example, is the only channel that sends back all three diagnostics breakdowns: account, product, and API.

Bing (Microsoft) only provides product issues and API errors. Facebook will only ever provide API errors.

  • Issues Stats: General overview of summed up product info including Active (Approved), Disapproved, Pending (Google Only), and Errors (Google Only) items

  • Account Issues (Google Only): Aggregates and lists the total number of affected products for any given error reported by Merchant Center. Additionally, this section will also list more critical issues such as account warnings, suspensions, or lost website claim/verifications

  • Product Issues (Google and Bing Only): Provides an itemized breakdown, product-by-product, of any errors reported back by the respective Merchant Center. This info must be imported/refreshed using Import Product Issues. Product-level issues are stored for up to 4 days.

  • Use the Search field to look up specific products by ID:

  • By clicking on the blue Issue text you can sort the entire view based on specific Issues. In this Filtered view, you can use Remove Products to remove all these affected products from your feed

  • You can create filters to isolate specific products or issues as well using the column header icons:

  • In any view under Product Issues, you can export the entire list to a CSV file using the export icon found in the top right corner of the table:

  • API Errors (All three): These issues are generally non-actionable and indicate when the channel itself rejects products based on standard API restrictions. In the majority of cases, this will usually be blank with no errors reported. If an error is reported here, you can refer to the channel’s API documentation or you may request more info via a live chat conversation with our team

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