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Quick guide on how to set up Promo IDs using the Feed Rules tool

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IMPORTANT: You must be eligible for Merchant Promotions and have the program enabled in Merchant Center. 

Using the Promotions Tool in Merchant Center

Upon being approved for Merchant Promotions, you will now be able to access the Promotions Tool in your Merchant Center account under Marketing > Promotions.

Click the blue + icon to start:

  • Start by selecting the Country - all other fields should populate automatically based on your inherent account settings

  • Scroll down to select your Promotion category and Promotion Type

  • Next, scroll down to find and set up the actual Promotion details and then click Continue

  • In the next section you will provide the Title of your Promotion and the Promotion ID. Your Promotion ID will be used to add to products in the later steps of this guide.

  • In this section you will also be able to select how to apply the Promotion to products in your feed and campaigns

  • If the promotion applies to all products, simply select that option and you will not need to apply Promotion IDs in your feed

  • You are limited to custom filters that you can apply:

  • Scrolling down further, you will be able to provide an actual redeemable code which will be displayed to customers in your Shopping Ads

  • Additionally you can set the Start and end dates of your promotion

  • To submit your Promotion for review by Google, click Save

Adding Promo IDs: Feed Rules

Our Merchant Promotions Add-on for Google Shopping allows you to set promo IDs on products using Feed Rules.

Start by selecting Promo IDs as your attribute and then click Add Rule:

Next, your rule type should be set to Text Attribute Builder where you will enter the promo ID set up in Merchant Center:

If you are only adding this ID to specific products, you can use a filter to determine which one's (If applying to ALL PRODUCTS, do not use a Filter at all):

For Product Channels, make sure to only have Google selected and then click Save.

Lastly, head back to the Feeds tab, and click "Send Feed" to submit your changes to Google Merchant Center.

You can use the preview table at the bottom to ensure your IDs are implemented correctly, however to finalize any changes you must send your feed to Google. It may take up to 2 hours for Google to process your modifications.

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