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How to use the Keyword Injector from an individual product section

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IMPORTANT: If you are currently using our feed tool then your product title modifications will be automatically sent to your respective channels.

If you are NOT using our feed tool and managing your feed separately, outside of our app, your title modifications will be built into the Supplemental Feeds which are only compatible with Google Merchant Center.

The Keyword Injector can be used to alter your product titles in one-off situations. It can be found in multiple places in your account including:

  • Product Dashboards

  • Update Bids

  • Add Products

Keyword Injector utilizes actual, product-level search query data and displays potential terms you can add to your product title or use to alter a title completely.

There are two views that can be used to review the value of a particular term you wish to add.

Word Cloud

The word cloud format allows you to click on a select term and add it to the editing panel. The larger the word the more valuable of a term it may be to add to a title.

The smaller the word in the cloud, the less valuable it may be.

Word Values

You can toggle to word values which adjusts the format to a list that shows key terms that can be added with an estimated score of how valuable the term may be to be added. Again, you can click on any term to add it to the editing field.

How to Modify a Product Title

You can COMPLETELY alter a product title simply by clicking on the terms in the cloud or list and adding to the editing field:

Click Save if you are satisfied with your rewrite.

However, the best use of the Keyword Injector is as a BUILDING TOOL.

Start by copying each word of your EXISTING TITLE individually and pasting each into the editing field:

Now, click on your desired keywords to be inserted into the editing field. You can also type out custom text into the panel.

You can then completely rearrange the order of your terms to create a more coherent Product Title:

Click Save to set your new title

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