Creating Ad Groups

How to create ad groups for your Shopping campaigns

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Creating ad groups for existing Shopping campaigns can help you in customizing how you segment particular products.

To get started, click Create Ad Group.

  • Fill in all required settings

  • Be sure to select which campaign to add it to

  • Click Create Ad Group to finish up here


You'll need to add products to this ad group. So head over to Add Products:

Select your campaign, and then we suggest choosing Manual Build so you can hand pick your ad groups as needed:

Keep the default filter for source, but then Edit Applied Filters to create one that will best match the products you wish to only house within this custom ad group, such as filtering for Product Title > Contains:

Scroll down to Modify Bids, and Add All to Pending based on how you wish to apply initial Max CPC Bids:

IMPORTANT: At this point, if you had created any additional ad groups, you scroll back up and select them ad group by ad group and repeat the above steps to queue up ALL changes before finalizing.

Once you are satisfied with your changes, navigate to Pending and Post All:

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