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FAQ: Why did I receive a Google Authentication Error?
FAQ: Why did I receive a Google Authentication Error?
Updated over a week ago

Did you receive an error  when you tried to authenticate to Google? Maybe something like this:

Here's a couple things to check before contacting our team:

1. Refresh Your Browser

The first thing you should try is refreshing your browser window, potentially even clearing your browser cache and then try to perform the authentication once more.

2. You May Already Be Authenticated

Google OAuth2 can be a little tricky, but it is also one of the most secure connections available and that is why we use it.

Sometimes, Google believes you already authenticated, but it doesn't tell our app that!

  • Start by logging into your Google account

  • Scroll down to find "Third-party apps with account access"

  • You may see Sales & Orders is already connected

If this is the case:

  • Click Manage third-party access

  • Next, click Remove Access from Sales & Orders

  • Return to the app and attempt to authenticate once more

Contact our team if you are still having difficulty!

3. You May Have Used an Invalid Email

When authenticating to Google, the three core accounts that your Sales & Orders account will need to connect to are:

  • Google Ads

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Merchant Center

When using OAuth2, the email address you use to log in with must be the same across all three of these accounts:

If you sign in with an invalid email, Google can throw an error. Retrace your steps and try again or contact our team for assistance!


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