To get started using Audiences please be sure of the following:

  1. You have already installed a Google Ads Remarketing Tag on your website OR are using Google Analytics Remarketing settings

  2. You have existing Remarketing Audiences in Google Ads OR have built custom audiences using Google Analytics

For help building your audiences using Google Analytics, check out this guide!

To add Audiences to your Google Shopping campaigns/ad groups, start by navigating to Google Campaign Manager > Audiences > Add Audiences:

In the fly out menu:

  • Select your desired Campaign

  • OPTIONAL: Select a specific ad group to add the audience to

  • Select your Audience (Note that these are imported directly from Google Ads and/or Google Analytics)

  • Set your Bid Modifier %: This can be positive (increase bids for this audience) or negative (decrease bids for this audience)

Targeting Settings - IMPORTANT

There are two types of targeting for Audiences:

  • Observation (RECOMMENDED): Targets your chosen audience but does not limit a campaign to just that Audience

  • Target (NOT RECOMMENDED): Only targets that specific audience

When you are finished, click Create

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