Adding Negative Keywords

How to add negative keywords for your Shopping campaigns

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IMPORTANT: Note that you must use proper Negative keyword expressions to ensure your Negative Keyword match types are accurately accepted:

  • Exact: Encase terms in brackets (ie [reviews])

  • Phrase: Encase terms in quotes (ie "reviews")

  • Broad: No encasement required (ie reviews)

For detailed information on how Negative Keyword match types may affect your Shopping campaigns visit this Help Center FAQ article.

The Negative Keywords tab within Campaign Manager provides access to the bulk Negative Keyword editors for both campaign-level and ad group-level adjustments.

Access either tool by clicking the '+ Add' button in either table which will trigger a flyout menu from the right.

  • Campaigns: When adjusting campaign-level negatives, you must select the campaigns you wish to add to

  • Ad Groups: You will be prompted to first select the campaign you wish to work within and then which ad groups to apply changes to.

Negative Keywords can be added in either one-off changes or bulk uploads. Use the text field provided and simply copy and paste a list of keywords to be added or type in keywords as needed.

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