Excluding products in Shopping campaigns ceases them from being displayed when advertising. This can be helpful when you have products that are simply not performing well enough to warrant the ad spend on them, or in more advanced circumstances like when dealing with specialty campaigns:

This is often best used in cases when you are focusing on specific product segments using filters such as when filtering for specific SKUs, IDs, Product Names, or even when filtering using performance driven standards such as high cost with zero conversions.

Getting Started

Begin by navigating to either the Google or Microsoft Campaign Manager > Update Bids section:

To Exclude products, start by selecting your campaign. You can then choose to select a specific ad group to work with, or, by selecting NO ad group, you will target the entire campaign:

After this you can use a Filter to focus on specific products, or use no Filter to adjust all products:

Now, under Modify Bids, choose Exclude Products and then Exclude All to push your changes to Pending.

To finalize all bid updates, and to send these out to your respective channel:

  1. Navigate to Pending

  2. Click Post All

  3. Please allow the app to process these bids prior to performing any other bid updates. Depending on your catalog size, this can take several minutes to complete.

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