When you want to control exactly how bids should be adjusted up or down, you can select either Increase CPC or Decrease CPC from the Modify Bids menu:

This is often best used in cases when you are focusing on specific product segments using filters such as when filtering for products with zero impressions to then increase bids incrementally over time to see at which point those products begin appearing in the search results.

Getting Started

Begin by navigating to either the Google or Microsoft Campaign Manager > Update Bids section:

To update bids using either option start by selecting your campaign. You can then choose to select a specific ad group to work with, or, by selecting NO ad group, you will target the entire campaign:

After this you can use a Filter to focus on specific products, or use no Filter to adjust all products:

Now, under Modify Bids, choose your option from the drop down which will then open up the bid adjustment options:

  • When Increasing Bids, you can choose to increase by an amount (monetary) or a percentage. You will then select the value to increase by and then a Max CPC Ceiling Cap which is the very maximum you are willing to spend to ensure you don't increase bids over a certain amount.

  • When Decreasing Bids, the same values pertain as well, however instead of a Max CPC Ceiling Cap you will set a Floor Cap or the very minimum you are willing to lower bids to.

After setting up your increase/decrease options, you can then click Increase By & Post All to send to the Pending Table:

To finalize all bid updates, and to send these out to your respective channel:

  1. Navigate to Pending

  2. Click Post All

  3. Please allow the app to process these bids prior to performing any other bid updates. Depending on your catalog size, this can take several minutes to complete.

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