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How to adjust bids using the Bid Suggestion Engine

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Bid Suggestions utilize historical performance data from your Shopping campaigns to provide AI-driven Max CPC bids geared towards streamlining your campaign management and reducing wasted ad spend on products not generating sales.

Bid Suggestions can be applied very quickly, and easily to your campaigns whether you use a filter or not and whether you are focusing on all products or unique ad groups.

Begin by navigating to either the Google or Microsoft Campaign Manager > Update Bids section:

To update bids using Bid Suggestions, start by selecting your campaign. You can then choose to select a specific ad group to work with, or, by selecting NO ad group, you will target the entire campaign:

After this you can use a Filter to focus on specific products, or use no Filter to adjust all products:

Now, under Modify Bids, you can click Post All to send all desired changes to the Pending table. Note that you may also check off products manually to only include in your post.

You can check your changes by toggling between:

  • Show All: All products

  • Show Pending Updates: Only products that were scheduled for bid updates

  • Show Not Pending: Products that were not scheduled for bid updates

To finalize all bid updates using Suggestions, and to send these out to your respective channel:

  1. Navigate to Pending

  2. Click Post All

  3. Please allow the app to process these bids prior to performing any other bid updates. Depending on your catalog size, this can take several minutes to complete.

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