Filters are used in performing Bid Updates or Adding Products for Google and Bing. Filters act as tools to segment products into unique groups to perform these actions on, based on how you wish to manage your products.

All accounts are equipped with 5 default filters that can be used to get started, however you can build and customize as many different filters as you may need.

Filters can be built out to be as simple or as complex as you see fit, but when applying NO FILTER, you will be performing changes on all products found within a given campaign.

To build a filter, start by selecting the campaign you wish to work with:

Now, select the primary attribute you wish to begin filtering on (note that you can add additional attributes afterwards):

Next, choose the Operator for your filter and then input a value: 

Note that different Operators apply to different attributes.

  • Numerical or monetary value attributes such as Impressions or Sales will only allow for range selectors (ie Greater Than, Less Than, etc.)

  • Attributes that can have multiple values (ie Brand) and thus allow you to Filter for 'Select Multiple' and also 'Bulk Add'.

  • Attributes that primarily consist of words and/or phrases (ie Title) allow you to Filter for 'Contains'.

  • Attributes such as ID and SKU, allow you to Enter Multiple with a maximum of 30 unique values.

Once satisfied, click Add Filter, and the Modify Bids panel will automatically update to list only the products that match your filter:

If you wish to add additional attributes to filter on:

Click Edit Applied Filters, Click +, build your secondary attribute just as before and then click Apply (do note that these filters utilize AND logic)

Finally, to Save a filter for future use simply name it and click Save Filter:

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