Update Bids Overview

A brief overview of the Update Bids tool in your S&O account

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IMPORTANT: When performing actual changes such as bid updates or exclusions, those changes will all be sent to the Pending table first. You will then have to finalize all changes by navigating to Pending and posting to your channels from there.

The Update Bids tool allows you to perform a few select functions within your S&O account for Google and Microsoft only including:

  • Access the Create Campaign Wizard

  • Access the Create Ad Group Wizard

  • Build Filters for updating products (these Filters can be used for rules and are also used in the Performance Panel on your Google Dashboard)

  • Perform bid updates and/or product exclusions

It is important to note that for both Google and Microsoft, the Update Bids tool does not vary much at all. All the same functions are shared between these two channels, with only a few exceptions:

  • In Filters, Microsoft does not support Synergy Metrics, a Google-only feature - this includes filterable attributes indicated with the following phrases: Direct, Indirect, Assisted

  • While Filters are shared across both channels and can be applied to Automation Rules for both or either, the Microsoft Dashboard is not equipped with a Performance Panel, a Google-only feature.

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