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Setting up Google Ads Conv. Tracking
Setting up Google Ads Conv. Tracking

How to set up Google Ads Conv. Tracking from your S&O account

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IMPORTANT: This section can only be used to set up Google Ads Conversion Actions, however the majority of reporting found in your Sales & Orders account also stems from Google Analytics. If you are currently using Google Analytics Goals successfully, then you will not need to add Google Ads Actions.

  • To add a new Conversion Action, click Add

  • Select WEBSITE as your type

  • Note that PHONE CALLS can also be set up but these are not used towards revenue tracking

  • Click Next

  • Set up your Conversion Action settings

  • Click Create And Continue once satisfied

  • Your site tag and event snippet will be generated for you to copy and paste into your website code, tag manager, or to have emailed to you for later use

IMPORTANT: Google Ads Conversion Tracking tags must be customized to properly capture revenue for Shopping Ads.

  • Click Next and then Done on the final step

If you have any questions or require any assistance with Google Ads Conv. Tracking, please contact our team.

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