Shipping settings for Google Merchant Center

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IMPORTANT: Google reviews all Shipping configurations to ensure that they match what a shopper would experience on your website. Setting up your Shipping improperly can lead to product disapprovals or even Merchant Center account suspensions. Because your account is synced with Merchant Center, changes, edits, and new configurations are updated immediately upon saving your settings.

You can set up full scope Shipping rules for Google Merchant Center right from your account - including complex rate tables and filters for various Merchant Center Programs.

To get to the Shipping settings menu, click on Account Settings and then to the Merchant Center Tab:

To get started, click Add which will open up the editing menu.

  • Apply your basic settings

  • Delivery, Transit, Holiday settings, and Advanced settings will open up after you select a Service area:

  • Complex Shipping rules such as Carrier rates and weight tables can be added and adjusted as needed. Click Add + to open the rate creator menu:

  • Select the rate type you wish to build:

  • Begin build your Shipping rates to match your website

Once you are satisfied with your configuration, be sure to Save and Create to complete your setup

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