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Products Overview

A brief overview of the Products section of your account

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The main Products section of your account lists all products imported from Google Merchant Center. Additionally, from here, you can:

  • Import Products from your Google Merchant Center account

  • Remove Products from Sales & Orders (DOES NOT affect products/feeds in Merchant Center)

  • Access Individual Product Reporting Dashboard

By default the table displays:

  • Total number of products imported from Merchant Center

  • Thumbnail image of products

  • Product ID based on your feed

  • Product SKU based on SKU Mapping from Google Analytics

  • Name (Product Title) based on your feed

  • Brand based on your feed

  • Price, Cost, Margin - Price is derived from your feed while Cost and Margin are built off of either your default settings or when the Margin Tool is utilized.

You may also edit/adjust the table and displayed information using the 3-bar menu as seen in the upper right corner in the image above.

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