The Financial Metrics panel provides a snapshot of key performance metrics respective of your account-level date range including:

  • Profit: Calculated by Sales - (Ad Spend + COGS), the net earn after advertising and cost of goods sold
  • Sales: The monetary value of all conversions tracked from your ad campaigns. Sales is calculated by the following for:
  • Google: All sales tracked by either Google Analytics or Google Ads Conv. Value. When using Google Analytics, Sales will also include Synergy Metrics
  • Bing: Uilizes Bing Conversion Value as imported from your Bing Ads account
  • Facebook: Utilizes Facebook Conversion Value as tracked by your pixel and imported from your Facebook Ads account
  • COGS: Cost of Goods Sold, calculated using your account-level default margin or more accurately when using the Margin Tool
  • Ad Spend: The total monetary value spent in advertising for a given channel and only for tracked campaigns in your account.
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