Import Feed via File Upload

How to import your feed via a file upload to gain access to the feed tool

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NOTE: The following file formats are accepted when uploading file feeds: CSV, TXT, XLS, and XML. 

When uploading a feed via feed file, it's important to remember that every time you make a change to your feed file outside of the app you're going to need to re-upload the file.For example, if you add or remove products on your site, you will have to add them to your feed file, than upload the file into the app again in order for your changes to be pushed out to Merchant Center. 

If your feed file is larger than 10 MB, you will have to host it remotely and upload your feed via URL. You can use Google Sheets, for example, to perform this switch if necessary. 

To check your file size:

  • P.C.: Right click on the file, navigate to Properties, and click. Here you will find your file size

  • Mac: Command click (or right click if you use a mouse), navigate to Get Info to find your file size

To get started, select the File Upload option as your Feed Type, click Choose File, and find your file on your computer for uploading. You can also set your feed to automatically send to your channels based on a feed fetch schedule

Once your file has uploaded to the app, you will be redirected to the Feed Mappings section, where you will need to map the data fields from your file to the data fields that our app will be pushing to Google Merchant Center. 

The column on the left titled "Field" contains the fields found in your uploaded file and the column on the right titled "Attribute"is what the fields will need to be named for our feed to be built and sent to Merchant Center.

Note: When you upload a file and complete the mapping, you will not need to map again UNLESS you upload a new file with different names for the data fields. If you keep the same fields your mapping will remain saved in the software.

You'll notice in the above example there are several Attributes set as [Ignore Field]. This instruct our app to not import data from these fields from your uploaded file.

Once mapping is completed, click on the Save & Fetch button to instruct the app to build your new data feed and export it out to Merchant Center.

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