Extractor Rules & Templates

How to build and use extractor rules and templates for Feed Rules in the feed tool

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Extractor rules allow you to extract the value from one attribute and have it inserted into another using templates.

To get started, select your attribute for modification and then click Add Rule. For the Rule Type, select Extractor:

For Extractor specifically, you have to select not only a Template but also the attribute you wish to extract the value from. Afterwards, you can click Manage Templates to create your template:

 Click + Create which will open the template builder Click Add Rule and then enter the word or phrase to be extracted on the left:

Note that if you attempting to extract multiple values, you can use Bulk Add to do so more quickly:

Click Save once you are satisfied with your template and then click Back to return to the rule editing panel. From there, select your newly created template and click Save to preview your modification:

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