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How to use find replace rules and templates in the Feed Rules section of the feed tool

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Find Replace rules allow to look up specific words or phrases in a particular attribute and replace them with that of your choosing. This is all done using Templates

To get started, select your desired attribute and click Add Rule. For Rule Type select "Find Replace":

Next, click Manage Templates to begin creating one for this attribute and then click + Create which will open the template builder:

Click Add Rule and then enter the word or phrase to be replaced on the left, followed by the replacing word on the right.

Note: You can use asterisks to enclose a value to be replaced to ensure exact match, case sensitivity.

You can continue to + Add Rule to add additional replacement criteria:

Bulk Add 

If you have a large number of words and/or phrases to be replaced, you can use the Bulk Add feature to do so more quickly. For this, you will need:

The value to be replaced followed by the replacing value, separated by your chosen delimiter. By default, the app uses double colon ( :: ) as the standard delimiter. See below for an example:

When performing this for a large number of values, we suggest only uploading a maximum of 3000 at a time. To perform the concatenation, use the following excel formula to combine and be able to copy the exact structure you will need:

  • Column A: Current Value

  • Column B: Delimiter (Default is double colon)

  • Column C: New Value

  • Column D: Concatenated value using formula =A1&B1&C1 - you can copy this column and paste it into the Bulk Add field

After clicking Add, please allow several minutes for it to process depending on the number of values. The more values, the longer it will take to process. It will automatically return you to the Template page so you can review the changes that will be made:

It is recommended that you name your template, and, once ready, click Save to finish and then click Back to finalize your modifications.

Once back at the Edit Rule panel, select your new Template from the drop down and click Save:

You can now preview your modifications and then send your feed once satisfied:

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