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Fixed Attribute Value Feed Rules

How to use fixed attribute values for Feed Rules

Updated over a week ago

Fixed Attribute Value rules use predefined values for select attributes to modify products. The following attributes are all Fixed Attribute Modifications, with their respective values:

  • Age Group: Newborn, Infant, Toddler, Kids, Adult

  • Availability: In Stock, Out Of Stock, Preorder

  • Condition: New, Used, Refurbished

  • Gender: Male, Female, Unisex

When modifying any of these, the default rule type selected will always be Fixed Attribute Value.

Note that while you can use Find Replace or Extractor for these as well, it is not recommended as the fixed values are predetermined by your channel's product specification requirements.

When you are finished, Save your rule to then preview your changes in the Rule Preview panel at the bottom of the interface. Do note that if you do not apply a Filter, your rule will affect all products. Additionally, if you do not select Product Channels, your rule will affect all channels by default.

Note that you must send your feed to your respective channels to finalize any changes you have made in the a

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