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Creating Feed Rules

A full, step-by-step walkthrough overview of creating feed rules in our tool

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Navigate to Feed Tool > Feed Rules.

To create a rule, first select your desired attribute from the drop down menu at the top, then click Add Rule to access the Edit Rule Panel. 

Rules can be built for all channels, some, or just one channel (continue below):

Part 1: Rule Definition

This determines the type of rule you'll be using to edit your attribute and modify products. There are currently 4 Rule Types that can be built depending on the attribute you select.

  • Text Attribute Builder: A drag and drop text string builder that allows you to select from pre-existing attributes as well as being able to add Custom Text, to restructure your chosen attribute entirely, such as when rebuilding Product Titles.

  • Note Remove Duplicate Words: Check off to remove any duplicate words throughout your attribute

  • Note Capitalize To Human: Check off to capitalize the first letter of each word in a string

Part 2: Filter Products

Build filters to ensure your modifications are only applied to products that match your criteria. By not creating a filter, you are enabling a rule to apply to ALL PRODUCTS in your feed. Filters can consist of single attribute criteria or multi-attribute criteria by clicking Add Filter to build each additional criteria desired.


Filters can differ by their function using AND / OR logic. To create an OR logic, a filter must have multiple values entered at once:

To create AND logic, there must be multiple filters that all determine the select criteria:

Part 3: Product Channels

Use this section to determine which channels you wish to have rules applied to. Simply check off your desired channels and uncheck those you do not wish to apply rules to:

Note that your channels will also be listed on the rule itself:

Part 4: Saving & Previewing Rules

Once you are satisfied with your modifications, you will have to save your rule to then be able to preview the changes under Selected Rule Preview. Note that if you are unsatisfied with your rule or made a mistake in your set up, you can return to Edit Rule to adjust at any time.

The modified attribute will be displayed under its respective column, labeled with "modified:"

All column headers are filterable using the filter icon to the right of the column name. You can adjust which columns are displayed by clicking on the three-bar icon to at the top right corner:

Additionally, you can export the entire table into a CSV file using the export icon:

Last Step: Send Your Feed

To ensure your modifications take affect, you will have to send your feed to your respective channels. Do so by navigating to Feeds > Send Feed:

Note that you will have to send each channel feed separately if you are currently linked to more than one channel.

Also note that average processing times vary from channel to channel with Google and Bing taking up to 2 hours or more to show changes while Facebook may show changes within minutes.

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