Modify Products allows you to edit and customize select feed attributes for all your channels by building rules that alter your product details.

Any rules you build will function in perpetuity so that anytime new products are added to your feed, and as long as they match your rule criteria, they will also be updated and sent to your channels.

There are currently 4 Modify Products Versions both free and paid:

Basic Modify Products: All free feed tool accounts come equipped with a 6 out of the box, editable attributes.

  • Age Group: Required for all Apparel & Accessory retailers

  • Availability: Required for all products (In Stock, Out of Stock, Preorder)

  • Condition: New, Used, Refurbished – No longer required for Google Shopping and products without a condition will automatically be accepted as “New”

  • Gender: Required for all Apparel & Accessory retailers

  • Image Link: Required for all products - the product image link/URL. Can be used to send alternate images to your channels

  • Link: Required for all products - the product page link/URL. Can be used to add tracking parameters or to correct issues wherein a link is broken or invalid

Advanced Modify: A $20/month paid add-on which opens up Modify Products access to additional attributes. Refer to for a detailed overview of each attribute.

  • Ads Redirect URL

  • Brand

  • Color

  • Consumer Notice

  • Custom Labels 0-4

  • Description

  • GTIN

  • ID

  • Identifier Exists

  • MPN

  • Material

  • Pattern

  • Product Type

  • Shipping

  • Shipping Dimensions: Height, Length, Width

  • Shipping Label

  • Sizes

  • Title

  • Exclude From Feed

Merchant Promotions (Google Only): A $10/month add on. Must submit request for approval in this program via - Add coupon codes to ads for Google Shopping 'Special Offers' using the following attributes

  • Promotion ID

Shopping Actions (Google Only): A $50/month add on. Must be approved for Shopping Actions via Google Merchant Center prior to purchasing. Allows you to control which products are sent specifically for Google Express using the following attribute

  • Included Destination

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