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Feed Rules - Overview

General overview of the Feed Rules tab of the Feed Tool

Updated over a week ago

Feed Rules allow you to edit and customize select feed attributes for all your channels by building rules that alter your product details.

Any rules you build will function in perpetuity so that anytime new products are added to your feed, and as long as they match your rule criteria, they will also be updated and sent to your channels.

The editable fields are as follows:

  • Additional Image Links

  • Ads Redirect URL

  • Age Group

  • Availability

  • Brand

  • Color

  • Condition

  • Custom Labels 0-4

  • Description

  • Gender

  • GTIN

  • ID

  • Identifier Exists

  • Image Link

  • Is Bundle

  • Item Group ID

  • Link

  • MPN

  • Material

  • Multi-Pack

  • Patten

  • Product Type

  • Promotion ID

  • Sale Price

  • Shipping

  • Shipping Dimensions: Height, Length Width

  • Shipping Label

  • Sizes

  • Title

  • Exclude From Channel

  • Include In Channel

Refer to for a detailed overview of each attribute.

The fields Included Destination, Sell On Google Price & Sell On Google Sale Price can be available upon the addition of the Buy On Google channel to your plan.

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