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Product Issues

Overview of the product issues panel in the feed tool

Updated over a week ago

Note: Product Issues are stored for a limited time before you must reimport them using Import Product Issues. 

Note: Clickable Product ID is only available for BigCommerce stores (see article in Help Center)

Product Issues provide a detailed breakdown of reported errors product by product for each of your channels:

The table includes the following values which you can Filter on using the filter icon next to each column header:

  • Product ID

  • Name or Product Title

  • SKU (if available)

  • Issue: A description of the issue affecting the product

  • Attribute Name: The attribute where the issue was detected

  • Servability: Indicates if a product is eligible to advertise

Using the top right corner of the table you can:

  • Search for a specific product ID

  • Import Product Issues on the fly (stored for 4 days before requiring reimport)

  • Export the entire list of product level issues using the export icon (arrow)

Filtering By Specific Issue - Removing Products by Issue

You can adjust the table to reflect products only affected by a specific error by clicking on the name of the issue listed under Issue.

After doing so, you will also be able to remove entire subsets of products from your feed affected by said issue by clicking "Remove Products". Note that this removes products from your Master Feed Control and affects all channels

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