IMPORTANT: New competitors are found weekly during scheduled API calls. Any new competitors are AUTOMATICALLY blacklisted until you choose to add them to your Whitelist.

The Competitors section of the Pricing Tool is solely used for Whitelisting and/or Blacklisting select competitors that are found during weekly API calls.

  • Whitelisting a competitor will enable the Pricing Tool to utilize this competitor in the calculation and display of data.

  • Conversly, Blacklisting a competitor will disable the Pricing Tool from utilizing this competitor in the calculation and display of data.

Rule Type

You may choose to default focus on either Whitelising or Blacklisting competitors. This toggle function simply resets your previously performed listing and sets all competitors to the chosen rule type:


In this table you will be able to perform your listing actions. For example:

This merchant has chosen to focus on Whitelisting. They have a total of 5 competitors whitelisted for use. From here, this merchant can remove competitors (blacklist them) in bulk or individually.

Toggling to 'Competitors not in whitelist (blacklisted)' will show all competitors not whitelisted:

From here, this merchant can add additional competitors to their Whitelist just as they had done so when removing them:

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