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Add or Remove Products In Bulk (CSV Upload)

Upload a .csv file of your product IDs to remove them in larger batches

Updated over a week ago

You can add or remove products from your feed in bulk with the help of our CSV Add / Remove Products feature. You'll be able to upload a list of the product IDs you wish to have added back in or removed from the feed entirely.

Navigate to Add / Remove Products:

  • From In Feed you can remove:

  • From Not In Feed you can add products back in:

PLEASE NOTE: Your CSV file must only list the PRODUCT IDs you wish to add or remove from the feed. After editing in Excel, for example, your file should look like this:

You must use a .csv file type - the tool will not accept other delimiters or a standard Excel file (.xlsx). For example:

  1. Click on CSV Remove Products

  2. In the pop-up window click Choose File

  3. Select the file you wish to upload from your computer

  4. Click Upload to process the file

  5. Once the file processes it will appear in Recent Uploads

  6. You can click Close to remove the pop-up menu

You can access your Recent Uploads by clicking on either button again:

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