The main Products section of your account lists all products imported from Merchant Center. Additionally, from here, you can:

  • Import Products from your Google Merchant Center account
  • Remove Products from Sales & Orders (DOES NOT affect products/feeds in Merchant Center)
  • Access Individual Product Reporting Dashboard

By default the table displays:

  • Total number of products imported from Merchant Center
  • Thumbnail image of products
  • Product ID based on your feed
  • Product SKU based on SKU Mapping from Google Analytics
  • Name (Product Title) based on your feed
  • Brand based on your feed
  • Price, Cost, Margin - Price is derived from your feed while Cost and Margin are built off of either your default settings or when the Margin Tool is utilized.

You may also edit/adjust the table and displayed information using the 3-bar menu as seen in the upper right corner in the image above.

Note that both Import Products and Remove Products require 2-step verification and may also require that you refresh your web browser to see changes.

Accessing Product Dashboards

Products is your primary access point to Individual Product Reporting Dashboards. Clicking on any given product's row in the table will trigger an initial fly-out panel:

While the fly-out panel only provides a quick glance at a product's info and performance, clicking the View button at the top will open a new tab in your browser for that product's in-depth reporting.

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