For any product imported from Merchant Center, Sales & Orders builds a full reporting and analytics group of dashboards and charts.

There are three specific ways to access a given products individual Reporting Dashboard:

  • Products: Click on a particular product and then click 'View'
  • Update Bids/Add Products: Click on a product's ID and then click 'View Product'
  • Potential Negative Terms: Click on a product's name

From Products

From Update Bids/Add Products

This initial view provides a quick overview of the product and its performance metrics. Click 'View' to continue.

This will immediately take you to that product's individual reporting tabs starting with the Dashboard:

Much like your primary reporting dashboard, you can adjust charted metrics and date ranges.

Additionally, using the buttons at the top you can:

  • Run a general Google search on the product
  • Run a search in the Shopping tab on Google for the product
  • Run a search in the Image tab on Google for the product
  • Navigate to the product's page on your website

Directly below your charted metrics you will find additional performance reporting including:

  • A snaphot of performace data for the product
  • The product's performance and associated Campaign/Ad Group
  • Basic product info
  • Synergy Sales history
  • Non-Converting Queries: A tertiary negative keyword analysis tool

Click over to the 'Performance' Tab.

This section provides a tabular overview of product performance including:

  • Basic product info
  • Advertising metrics
  • Synergy metrics

Now navigate over to 'Synergy.'

Synergy Metrics are Sales & Orders exclusive platform metrics which includes:

  • Direct Sales: When this product sold matches it's product ad which was first clicked on in Google
  • Indirect Sales: When this product is sold but a different product ad was first clicked on in Google
  • Assisted Sale: When this product assisted in the sale of another product on your website

Now move over to 'Search Queries.'

View the keywords used by shoppers to trigger your product ad. Additionally, you can:

  • Run a search on Google for a particular query
  • Use the data to analyze term potential and add high cost/no conversion negatives to your Shopping campaign(s)

The last two tabs are dedicated to Basic Product Details (as imported from Merchant Center or metrics built by Sales & Orders) and the Bid Change History of the particular product.

Note that there are no actionable items from those sections.

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