The Pricing Tool can be used to parse up to your Top 25 competitors on a SKU by SKU basis. You can then utilize this feature to:

  • Collect valuable competitor research
  • Set rules to reprice your products in comparison to your competition
  • Export a file you can upload to your store to adjust your pricing

To Access The Pricing Tool:

  • Open the side bar menu and navigate to the "Pricing Tool" option

Once you've accessed the Pricing Tool, you will see a list of your products that have competitors on Google Shopping.

Note: By default, the option "Hide products without competitors" will be selected.

Note: You can also choose to only show your overprice products.

To the right of "Suggested Price," you'll see three icons representing:

  1. Filters
  2. Export
  3. Columns


This option allows you to filter out products by name, SKU, or any of the other available metrics.


By clicking this icon you'll initiate a download of a CSV file containing all of the information from the Competitors List. You can also do this by clicking on the "Export CSV" button found slightly above the icon.


The columns icon allows you to customize the data that you see on your Competitors List. By default, all options are selected, however if you'd prefer to only see a couple of different data points you can deselect any that you choose.

Pricing Rule Settings

The Pricing Tool doesn't just show you data, it also allows you to act on it by setting rules.

By clicking on the "Settings" button on the top right of your screen, you will open up the Pricing Rules Settings. From here, you can apply changes to your prices as they appear on the Competitors List.

As seen in the above example, you can set your prices by dollar amount (or percentage), to be below either the average (or lowest price). You can also set a floor that your price can never go below, either a dollar amount or percentage.

In the Test section, you can see how different changes will affect your price.

Note: Changing the price in the Pricing Tool DOES NOT change the price on your website.

In order to change the price listed on your actual website, export the CSV file after you've applied your rule to the product list.

Once you've exported the CSV, you can import the file to your website and update the prices.

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