Rules can be used to automate regular campaign tasks such as performing bid updates or adding new products to campaigns after they've been added to your feed in Merchant Center.

To access Campaign Rules, click into the Settings option in the navigation panel.

Once into settings, find the "Rules" tab and click into it.

From here, you can set rules for bidding automation by campaign. This will allow you to set specific bid adjustments that you'd like to occur on a regular basis, and instruct the software to perform them every X amount of days.

To set a rule, select the campaign that you wish to set the rule in.

Find the "Bid Rules" section, and click the "Add Rule" button on the right side of the page.

This will bring to the "Rule Settings" page where you can build out your rule to apply to products within already existing Product Filters. Read more about Filters here.

From here, you'll be able to customize each rule that you want to apply to your campaign(s), set the frequency of the updates, and even pick and start and end date.

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Product Rules

In addition to automated bidding, Sales & Orders gives you the ability to add products to your campaign(s) by also utilizing filters.

Simply navigate to the bottom of the "Rules" page to find the "Product Rules" section.

Click on the "Add Rule" button to open up the customized rule editor pop-up, which contains the same options as the Bid Rules editor.

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