There are two different Rule Types in your Sales & Orders account

Update Bids

These rules will only operate to adjust product bids for either Bing or Google. Rules can be operated separately or combined for either channel.

Add Products

These rules will only operate to add products to campaigns when they don’t already exist (such as when new products are added to your feed and sent to Merchant Center). Rules can be operated separately or combined for either channel.

NEWLY ADDED: Rules can now be added for either campaigns or ad groups!

Please note that Rules are not available in Feed Tool Only plans or under the Free Full Access Plan.

Rules can be used to automate two key campaign management activities:

  • Performing bid updates
  • Adding new products to existing Shopping campaigns

Rules utilize Filters you build to perform their specified action (ie if you create a filter for Products with 0 Impressions, the rule will only operate on those products).

To create a Rule (Bidding):

  1. Click Add Rule

Start by naming your rule, leaving it as active, and choose which Channels (Google and Bing only) to operate the rule for:

Next, select your desired Filter, which channels (Google and Bing) to operate on, and then choose your Bid Method. After selecting your channels, note that you will then be able to add rules to either the campaign level OR the ad group level.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can have only EITHER campaign or ad group rules. A campaign that already has rules CANNOT simultaneously have rules on ad groups.

Finish by setting Frequency (how often the rule operates), Date Range (the length of time of data to be used to operate the rule), Start and End Date (optional):

Once satisfied click Add Rule

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