Shopify's API doesn't provide the ability to export both your regular product title and your SEO product title out to an external feed tool, only the regular product title. This means that your optimized SEO friendly title won't be taken from the system by default.

However, there is a way to adjust this using Find and Replace Templates in our apps' Advanced Modify feature.

If you haven't added this upgrade feature to your account, you can do so here: Upgrade Now

To get started, you'll need to export your products out of Shopify into an Excel file.

From your admin page, take the following steps:

Click on Products along the left hand navigation bar

By default, you'll land into the All Products section, which is where you'll want to be. Find the export button and click

This will open a dialogue window that asks what data you want included in your export. Select All Products, export as a .CSV for Excel and click on the Export Items button

Once you've downloaded and opened your .CSV file, copy the columns "Title" and "SEO Title" and paste them into a seperate Excel document

You're almost done! Now, let's properly format your Excel sheet!

Now that you have the two columns in their own document, it's time to start preparing to bulk add them into a Find and Replace template in our apps Advanced Modify section. This is done a simple formula in Excel, which will be explained in detail below.

To begin, you'll need to add a delimiter column to your document. Right now, Column A should be Title and Column B should be SEO Title.

You'll be adding your delimiter to Column C. For the purposes of this example, we'll stick with the default delimiter from our feed tool, which is ::

Input the :: in Column C on the same line as your first product title. So, in the above example you'd put :: in Column C row 2. You'll want to have a delimiter listed on as many lines as you have titles. So if you have, let's say, 100 rows with titles in it you'll have to include 100 rows of delimiters. 

The easy way to do this is to select the cell with the first delimiter in it, click on the small square in the bottom right hand corner, and drag it to the last row of titles.

Now that columns A B and C are ready to go, it's time to input the formula that will combine the three into the proper format for our Find and Replace templates. 

To follow with this example, the you'll be entering the formula into Column D Row 2.

The formula is as follows into Column D Row 2: =A2&C2&B2. 

To apply the formula to all rows, click the square in the bottom right corner of the cell and drag to the bottom, the same as done previously for the delimiter. 

Great job formatting the Excel Sheet! Now, it's time to bring these changes into our app! 

Now that you're done with the Excel formatting, head over to the Modify Products section in the Sales & Orders feed tool. 

From here, select Title as the Google Attribute you intend to modify, and click Add Rule.

Next, select Find and Replace as your Rule Type and click Manage Templates.

Once here, click on the +Create button to begin. This will open up an editor, where you'll select the Bulk Add option.

This will open up a window where you can input your updates. Head back to your Excel sheet, copy and paste the combined titles in Column D, paste them into the editor and click Add.

Once you've added the changes, it'll take you back to the original Find and Replace template window, where you'll name your template, click save, than head back to the Modify section. 

There, you'll select your newly built template to apply it to all your titles, and click save to finish. 

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