IMPORTANT: You must first contact PriceWaiter and/or create your account with them prior to setting up your feed. At this time, our team must activate your account for the new PriceWaiter export channel.

After your account has been set up and our team has activated PriceWaiter please see below for a general guide on setting up your PriceWaiter Minimum Price Attribute and generating your feed.

Modify Products: Minimum Price

This is the unique field exclusive to PriceWaiter that you will need to set up for your feed.

Navigate to Modify Products and select Minimum Price (PriceWaiter) from the dropdown menu at the top.

Click Add Rule

At this point the only thing left to do is set the percent value you wish to decrease your main price by to create minimum price. This will be the price that PriceWaiter uses to negotiate when a shopper submits an offer.

Click Save once complete.

File Feeds: Generate Feed

Since the PriceWaiter channel will be activated by our team, you'll be able to access (if not already) the File Feeds tab in-app to generate your feed for PriceWaiter.

Click Generate files to begin creating your feed. It may take up to 5 minutes or longer for the feed to populate based on inventory size.

Once the URL has been generated, you will now be able to use this with your PriceWaiter account.

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