Gender is required for all Apparel & Accessory products in Google Shopping.

Additionally, however, it is optional for the following sub-categories:

  • Pinback Buttons(4179)
  • Tie Clips(180)
  • Cufflinks(193)
  • Wristbands(1893)
  • Shoe Covers(5385)
  • Shoelaces(1856)
  • Spurs(2427)
  • Watch Bands(5123)
  • Keychains(175)
  • Wallet Chains(5841)
  • Lanyards(6277)
  • Checkbook Covers(6460)
  • Badge & Pass Holders(6170)
  • Watch Winders(6870)
  • Watch Stickers & Decals(7471)
  • Handkerchiefs(5207)
  • Decorative Fans(5114)

Natively, these attributes don’t exist within products or options in BigCommerce so you will need to use the Modify Products tool within our app to fix errors regarding products missing Gender and Age Group attributes in your feed.

Follow this guide to show you how.


Note that while most products are separated into either male or female, there is also an option to set unisex.

  • Click on the Modify Products tab in the app
  • Select Gender from the drop-down menu at the top
  • Now click Add Rule

The new panel will allow you to apply a rule to insert a specific value for gender into the feed:

  • Choose the value from the Set Attribute to drop-down
  • Now apply conditions to your rule to find products for mapping
  • See the image below:

For Gender it is recommended that you find the values within the Product Titles that contain the gender of a product (ie Women’s, Men’s, Men, Women, etc.)

If your titles do not contain a consistent gender structure then you can set the rule to find multiple values by hitting Enter on your keyboard.

If all your products are a single gender then do not use a Filter at all

Once finished you can click Save and this will dynamically update your feed in the app.

Rinse and repeat to continue adding rules for additional gender denominations. To overwrite a rule simply remove the one you first used and start over.

When you are finished, you must click Send Feed to Merchant Center to ensure the changes are picked up within your account and diagnostics. Feed processing times vary but should take a few hours and up to 24 hours.

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