Rule definition templates for modifying products via the "Find Replace" rule type make it simple to make bulk changes to your data feed.

By pre-building and saving templates, applying your changes can be done with a couple of clicks. 

The idea of the "Find Replace" template is to quickly find a word or words you want to remove and replace them with something that reads better or with more useful keywords.

For example, if you have your genders listed as male/female but would rather have them as Men's/Women's you can save that rule here.

How to Build Your Template

To get started, select the Google attribute you want to apply your changes to, and click "Add Rule."

This will prompt you to begin building your rule, and a new section will open up under the Modifier Rules section. From here, you'll want to be in the "Rule Definition" tab and under rule type you'll want to have "Find Replace" selected.

Click on the manage templates button to begin building your template. 

Once you land in the editor, select the "+ Create" to start.

Name your template as you wish. We suggest naming it for the Google field you intend to use it to perform edits on.

As per the earlier example, let's examine building a rule to edit the Gender field and change male/female to Men's/Women's.

There are two ways to add rules to your template, one by one or bulk add. 

To add each individually, you click the "+ Add Rule" button for each change you intend on making. In this example we're making 2. 

In the first rule, enter "male" into the find text field and "Men's" into the replace with field. 

In the second, enter "female" into the find text field and "Women's" into the replace with field. 

To bulk add, click on the corresponding button to open the menu, set your delimiter (by default it's ::), and type in your desired changes in the same order, and click add to complete.

Once you've entered your desired find and replace changes into your template, click Save than Back to head back to the Edit Rule page.

Using Asterisk Expression (*Word*) to Replace

An asterisk expression or placing a word within two asterisks (example *back*), can be used to replace only the text held within the expression itself.

For example in Find Replace Templates:

A store owner wishes to replace "Back" in the word [Backpack] with the word "Face"

  • Best to start out filtering products you wish to change, in this example we are filtering for Title Contains Backpack
  • We will then set our Rule DefinitionRule Type: Find Replace*Remove Duplicate Words and Capitalize to Human are OPTIONALSelect Template: see below

Since we do not have a Template yet, we will click Manage Templates and then + Create on the following page.

  • Name your template
  • + Add Rule

In this example, again, we will enclose the word back in asterisks *back* for the Find Text field, and then in the Replace field we will insert Face.

Save on this page and then click Back. Now click Save in the Edit Rule panel.
This rule will now successfully replace Back with Face, when Backpack exists within the Title:

Asterisk Expressions are available for all Find Replace templates within Modify Products.

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