For free, Text Extractor can be used for either Age Group or Gender in the event those attributes have been populated in your store.

As part of Advanced Modify, please note that Text Extractor is only available as a paid upgrade option.

Text Extractor can be used to find text within a select attribute of a product or products, extract that text, and insert it into another attribute in your feed.

An example of best use case could be for when you have not populated color in your store's native Google Shopping settings or when color does not exist as an option/variant.

In such a case, you can use Text Extractor to pull color from, let's say, your product Titles and inject the color into the color attribute to ensure your products meet Google Shopping specifications.


  1. Start by selecting Color as your Google attribute to edit
  2. Click Add Rule

From here it is recommended to first Filter Products, and in this example we could filter for where Color Is Empty indicating that these products are missing the color attribute.

Now we can move onto building our rule and rule template for the extraction:

  1. Select Rule Definition
  2. Choose Extractor from the Rule Type
  3. Select the attribute to Extract FromĀ 
  4. Select Template (see below)


Before we can actually perform an extraction, we will need a template from which to run our rule. Click Manage Templates to get started:

  1. Click + Create
  2. Name your Template (Something recognizable such as Color to Title)
  3. Click + Add Rule
  4. In the field added to the template area, choose the text you wish to extract

Please note that for each separate color you wish to extract, you will need to add that as a rule:

The extracted text will ONLY populate the missing attribute IF IT EXISTS in the actual Title of the product (using this as an example).

Once you have finished with your + Add Rules, click Save and then Back.

Now click Save in the Edit Rule field to run the extraction.


Navigate to the Feeds tab of the app and click Send to Merchant Center.

Changes to feeds typically take 2 hours for Merchant Center to accept. This is based on average Merchant Center cache response times.

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