Advanced Modify Products is a paid upgrade feature ($20/mo). You can upgrade right from within the app by clicking on one of the locked attributes and then clicking Upgrade Now in the pop-up window.

With Advanced Modify, you're able to edit and submit changes to a wider range of attributes:

  • Brand
  • Color
  • Custom Labels 0-4
  • Description
  • GTIN
  • ID
  • Identifier Exists
  • MPN
  • Material
  • Pattern
  • Product Type
  • Shipping (Cost)
  • Shipping Height
  • Shipping Label
  • Shipping Length
  • Shipping Weight
  • Shipping Width
  • Sizes
  • Titles

Selecting an Attribute to Modify

Use the drop down menu at the top of the Modify Products tool to select which attribute you wish to edit:

Building Modifier Rules

Once you have selected an attribute for modification click Add Rule to begin building the actual rule to alter product details:

Editing Your Rule - FILTERING

Before getting into Rule Definition do understand that you can utilize Filter Products to select specific products or groups of products to edit without affecting others that do not match your filter settings. By NOT USING A FILTER a rule will default to modifying All Products.

If you choose to use a Filter, you must also set a Rule Definition for the tool to function properly.

You can only filter based on existing attributes in your feed and you must set a condition for your filter. To remove a filter, simply click the red trash can icon.

Editing Your Rule - RULE DEFINITION

Please note that some attributes such as Age Group and Gender will have pre-set values that must be used and sent to Merchant Center.

Other attributes such as Link can be fully customized and do not have a pre-set value as required by Merchant Center.

You must always click Save to refresh a rule or a filter or a template.

Rule Definition is what actually alters your select attribute. Rule Definition includes a number of basic and advanced features:

Rule Types

  • Fixed Attribute Value: For attributes that have pre-set values as required by Merchant Center (Age Group for example) you will only be able to select from a list of potential values to be sent labeled 'Set Attribute Value To'
  • Text Attribute Builder: For attributes with no pre-set values as required (Link for example), you can either build on existing feed attributes or customize the specific attribute entirely. This also features the functions for Removing Duplicate Words and Capitalizing To Human (Capitalize the first letter in each word). 
  • Find Replace: The Find Replace rule type requires the use of Templates to operate properly. For example if there were a value in an attribute that you wish to remove entirely you can "find" the value itself and "replace" with nothing.
  • Copy and Paste (Extractor): This rule type can be used to extract specific text from an entirely different attribute and inserted into the attribute you wish to Modify. This also requires the use of templates and you must select an attribute to draw text from.

Previewing Modifications

Anytime you are satisfied with your rule definition/filtering, clicking Save will generate a preview of the modifications you have set. You can also toggle between products that matched your filter versus those that did not:

The modified attribute will always display the original and the "Modified" versions. In the top right corner you'll also notice the icons for Export and Column Editing. 

Export will generate a .CSV file of your preview.

Column Editing will allow you add or remove columns (attributes) from the table.

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