Parent Vs Sub-Account (MCA or Aggregator Only)

If you have a MCA or Multi-Client Account Merchant Center, you may be attempting to authenticate to the parent or aggregator level which cannot be used to send a feed.

Make sure to authenticate using a unique email address associated to the sub-account level.

This email address cannot be linked to another level or to another Merchant Center account.

Authenticating to the Wrong Email

Google OAuth2 is a heavily secure connection that apps like ours must use to protect your data.

It requires that you authenticate to the correct Gmail address that is set to Admin permissions in your Merchant Center account.

If you authenticate to an email not associated or with improper permissions then this can flag the error notification.

Log into Merchant Center and navigate to Users by clicking on the 3 dot icon in the top right corner of the Merchant Center UI. Look for the correct email address assigned at the correct level:

Do note that you cannot authenticate to an email address that is not set to Admin nor one that is actually an Email Contact:

Auth Token Inactive

For security reasons, the Google OAuth Token during this step only lasts for a short period of time. If you wait too long to authenticate then the token will no longer be active.

Simply close the pop-up window and restart the Google Authentication and this should resolve.

Already Authenticated

If you had ever installed our app in the past but subsequently uninstalled or lost access, you may already be authenticated and therefore may receive this error.

Now, return to the app and reattempt your authentication

It's still not working!

If neither of the above solutions resolved the issue, please contact our team immediately for further assistance:

  1. Live Chat with our team
  2. Email us
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